Post-Production Captioning

Post-Production Captioning or transcription services convert speech and audio information of multimedia content into a textual equivalent. Captions are time-synced and integrated into multimedia content, while transcriptions provide the text in full separately from the multimedia content.

Request Captioned Media

Complete this form each semester to request captioned media.
Captioned Media Request Form


CSD will make every attempt to provide materials as promptly as possible for students requesting captioning of media. Late requests for the captioning of media may delay its delivery.


If you have a student enrolled in your course who is approved for post-production captioned media, the CSD will collaborate with you to coordinate post-production captioning and transcription services for all media used in your course. Post-production captioning refers to any media with an audio component, most likely videos or podcasts. You may also opt to caption the media yourself, following the guidelines outlined on this page.

The turn-around time for post-production captioning requests may vary depending on the complexity of the subject matter, quality of the audio, and the type of media used.  All requests must be submitted to the CSD at least 7 days in advance of its use in the course through Kaltura.

Request Post-Production Captioning from CSD

Follow these steps as soon as you receive notification of a student in your class is approved for communication access. You must submit your captioning request at least 7 days in advance of their use in your class.

  1. Upload Media to Kaltura
    In order for CSD to process post-production captioning requests; all media must be in Kaltura.
  2. Make a Request for Captioning
    Follow the instructions on this page to request post-production captioning:  Requesting Professional Captions in Kaltura
  3. Review Captions
    Your request should process within 7 days of submission, depending on the subject matter. You will receive an email notification when your media has been captioned. Your captioned media will be available in your Kaltura account under My Media. Review the captions and notify us of any errors.
  4. Distribute Media
    If your HuskyCT course(s) are set up for students to access videos in your Kaltura account, the captioned media will replace the old, uncaptioned video and will automatically be accessible in HuskyCT.

If you need assistance with distributing the captioned videos in HuskyCT, please contact CETL – Educational Technologies at or call 860-486-5052.

IMPORTANT: Once you have followed the post-production captioning directions and requested captioning for a 48 hour or longer turnaround, CSD and UCIS will approve your request. If you request materials to be completed sooner than 48 hours, your request will be denied. If you need a turn-around time quicker than 48 hours, please email

Perform Your Own Captioning


  • Media must be captioned in a manner that is at least 99% accurate, synchronized, clear, and readable.
  • Mechanically generated post-production captions must be manually edited for accuracy before distribution.

Campus Resources for Captioning:

DIY Captioning (IT Accessibility website)

ITS Accessibility Coordinator

CETL - Educational Technologies