Notetaking Assistance

Notetaking assistance is provided as an accommodation for students whose documented disabilities interfere with their abilities to take notes. Notetaking assistance is determined on a course-by-course basis and is dependent upon the nature of each course and the method of instruction as it relates to the student's documented disability. Notetaking assistance is provided as an academic accommodation, however, is not considered a substitute for a student’s full participation in class. Notes and/or recordings provided are for students’ personal study use only and are not to be shared with other individuals.

Notetaking assistance may include:

  • Technology-based assistance – use of a personal laptop/tablet, Livescribe Smart Pen, Microsoft OneNote, OtterAI, and others.
  • Permission to record classes (many of the technology-based options have a recording component as a built-in feature)
  • Receipt of instructor outlines and/or notes
  • Receipt of notes from a peer notetaker

Based on course design and the availability of several technology-based notetaking options, a peer notetaker may not be the most effective accommodation for a course. The CSD will engage in the interactive process with instructors and students to discuss the nature and content of the course to determine the most appropriate notetaking accommodation.

For specific information related to notetaking assistance, go to Resources in your CSD MyAccess Account.