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Neuro-Inclusive Candidate Network

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What does "neurodiversity" mean, actually?

Neurodiversity commonly refers to (but is not limited to) autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia, dysgraphia, OCD, dyscalculia, and Tourette's. Neurodivergent (ND) minds perceive, communicate, and behave differently than so-called "neurotypical" brains.

How is my neurodiversity related to my employment

Neurodivergent people bring unique ways of thinking to the world. Companies actively seek those different perspectives in employees, and are focused on creating more neurodiverse workplaces that are supportive of your differences!

What is the Neuro-Inclusive Candidate Network (NCN)?

The NCN connects ND students and recent alumni with employers who understand and value their differences. The NCN is an initiative of the University Council for Neurodiversity Employment - a coalition of over 60 schools led by UConn.

How does the NCN work?

  1. Click this link to join
  2. Complete your Candidate Profile
  3. Receive neurodiversity-related employment opportunities and information
  4. Get access to the NCN career resources website

How do I know if the NCN is right for me?

The NCN is right for you if you are a current or recent college-level student ( who identifies as neurodiverse and would like to join a community of peers who get connected to neurodiversity-related employment opportunities.

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Neurodiversity Hiring Pilot Program (Mentra)

UConn and CSD recognize the importance of supporting neurodivergent students’ unique needs in their pursuit of internships and post-graduation employment.

We are excited to share a Neurodiversity Employment Pilot Program using a tool called Mentra which you can now use to match with job and internship opportunities at companies that seek and value your neurodiversity!

How does Mentra help you?

  • Mentra’s platform helps you develop a holistic profile of yourself that supplements your resume and better captures your strengths and accommodations needs
  • Mentra automatically matches you with employers educated in neurodiversity inclusion for positions that align with your profile, and sends them your information
  • You can also independently express interest in any roles posted on the platform
  • Mentra provides guidance and mentorship to candidates to ensure job readiness

Please register in TWO places:

  1. The link to register with UConn’s Center for Neurodiversity and Employment Innovation is here.  By registering, you will receive information about this pilot and other neurodiversity employment opportunities.
  2. The link for participating in the pilot program is here.