The Center for Students with Disabilities offers services, called CSDTech, that provide students with disabilities the opportunity to access learning technologies that aim to enhance overall success and independence.

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Students can stop by to meet with our CSDTech Team to explore a variety of software programs, apps, and other resources that can help build academic and life skills. Whatever it may be, we are here to support you in finding the right learning tools to meet your individual needs and learning styles. Students interested in learning more, can either stop by or set up an appointment by contacting the Tech Team at 860.486.2020 or by email at

*Certain technologies may only be available to students with a related approved accommodation.

Explore our website and find the assistive technology best suited for you. If you need assistance schedule an appointment or just stop by the CSD, We look forward to working with you!

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CSDTech Blog

AutiPlan: App of the Week

Keeping all of your plans straight can be very stressful, so having some structure and predictability in your life can be extremely helpful! Visual scheduling with pictograms is proven to be helpful for many students by reducing stress and anxiety. Using the free Android app AutiPlan, you can enter your day-to-day activities and you can […]

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orbiTouch – A keyless keyboard

The world of computers is pretty exciting: sitting at a desk, pushing down keys, moving a piece of plastic and pressing a plastic pad while blue light from your monitor illuminates your desk. Who wouldn’t want to do that all day? Some individuals can’t use a mouse and a keyboard because of mental or physical […]

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The Twilight App Logo

Twilight: App of the Week

Twilight is a health and wellness app for Android products. Reading on Screens in Dim Lighting Twilight allows your screen backlight to be lowered far beyond the ability of the backlight controls on your device. As a result, your eyes won’t have to strain as much when trying to read in poorly lit settings! Have […]

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If you have questions regarding CSDTech services, please contact Lori Susi, Assistive Technology Coordinator, at (860) 486-2020 or

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