Referral for Accessible Van Service

The Accessible Van Line is a division of the Transportation Department and is available to students, faculty and staff with disabilities. This service provides safe and timely campus and local transportation. The department operates four vans, all of which have wheelchair lifts, to ensure that students get to classes, jobs, residences, and activities safely and efficiently.

At the beginning of each semester the CSD forwards a list of permanent van passengers, who generally have use of the van for the entire school year. Temporary passengers are allowed to use the service on an as needed basis. Students with temporary injuries and conditions may call the Van Line directly at 860-486-4991 to arrange a schedule.

All permanent van passengers are responsible for turning in a copy of their schedules for desired pick up times by a certain date, and the Accessible Van Coordinator will work out a semester schedule. Other pick up times can be called into the Van Line as needed, allowing about a half-hour leeway. Van drivers are required by department regulations and by law to ensure the accommodation and safety of van passengers.