Referral for Accessible Van Service

The Accessible Van Service (AVS) is a free service available to students, faculty, staff and the public. The service provides safe and timely campus and local transportation. Accessible vans are equipped with wheelchair ramps, ensuring that all passengers get to their classes, jobs, residences, and activities safely and efficiently.  Student passengers with permanent conditions or disabilities must register through the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) by logging into the student MyAccess portal at

At the beginning of each semester, the CSD forwards a list of AVS permanent passengers, who are approved to use the AVS for the entire semester, to Transportation Services. The AVS offers pick-ups every 10 minutes throughout their hours of operation. There are specific pick-up locations for all campus buildings and local businesses, the details of which can be provided to you by any of the drivers or dispatchers. 

There are two ways for permanent passengers to arrange for pick-ups: 

  • You may either forward a list of pick-ups that will repeat on a weekly basis.
  • You can call the AVS as needed. Pick-ups are available on a first-come, first-served basis. “Popular” pick-up time slots fill quickly so please attempt to arrange for pick-ups as soon as possible.

Students with temporary injuries may also use the AVS, and must have a valid physician’s note to use this service. To request service or to discuss whether you qualify for the service, please call Transportation Services at (860) 486-4991.

For detailed information regarding the AVS, including hours of operation, pick-up locations, and rules of use, visit