Parking Accommodations

UConn Parking Services and the CSD are not authorized to issue state handicap parking placards. Connecticut Residents may visit the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles website to learn more about the availability and privileges associated with Connecticut’s handicap parking placards. State-issued handicap parking placards alone do not authorize the use of UConn’s permit-parking facilities.

Storrs Resident Students

Storrs campus students with 54 or more earned academic credits and assigned University housing on the Storrs campus are eligible to purchase a Resident parking permit.  Resident permits authorize parking on surface lots specifically posted for the use of that specific permit type.  The parking demand for resident student parking is historically very strong.  The supply of Resident permits is quickly exhausted; they are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Resident students who are requesting a parking permit based on a documented disability (PRIOR to earning the 54-credit prerequisite as per Parking Services regulations available at should follow this procedure to request an accommodation:

  1. Register with the CSD
  2. Provide documentation regarding your condition(s) to the CSD, which explains the need for accommodations. Guidelines for documentation are available here: Documentation Guidelines. You are encouraged to share the Documentation Guidelines with your treatment provider who can best describe the nature of the condition(s) and how it affects you.
  3. Contact your Disability Service Professional (DSP) or Regional Campus Coordinator (RCC) (for students at the regional campuses to discuss your request.

If you are approved for an accommodation to purchase a parking permit, the CSD will communicate this information to Parking Services.  Parking Services will contact the student to complete the purchase.

Please Note: Unless a specific parking area/location is approved as an accommodation by the CSD, Parking Services will issue a permit based on current availability.