Meal Plan Modifications

According to the terms and conditions of the On-Campus Housing Contract, “All Storrs residents residing in non-apartment spaces (including Cordial Storrs House, the Nathan Hale Inn and Husky Village) are required to purchase a resident meal plan. Students residing in on-campus apartments and University Farm Houses are not required to purchase a resident meal plan, and may purchase any meal plan including options available to commuters”. The On-Campus Housing contract is available at

Students with documented disabilities for whom eating in a dining hall is not viable due to medically necessitated dietary requirements may request a meal plan modification. Students should contact CSD to request a Meal Plan Modification within the first 3 weeks of the semester. A Meal Plan Modification request submitted after the 3rd week of the semester may result in a delay in coordinating the accommodation.

Student Responsibilities

  • Meet with your DSP to discuss your need for a Meal Plan Modification;
  • Meet with a Dining Services designee to discuss your need and collaborate on designing an appropriate meal plan, if needed;
  • Follow the meal plan you and Dining Services outline in order to receive your Meal Plan Modification, if indicated;
  • Contact your DSP if your condition changes and/or your Meal Plan Modification is not working for you.

CSD Responsibilities

  • Meet with students to engage in the interactive process and determine if a Meal Plan Modification is indicated;
  • Communicate with Dining Services about a student when appropriate regarding a Meal Plan Modification;
  • Notify student with determination of requested modification and next steps as indicated;
  • Convene the Meal Plan Modification Review Committee when needed.

Dining Services Responsibilities

  • Meet with students upon CSD’s request to discuss Meal Plan Modification options;
  • Determine Dining Services’ capacity to address students’ dietary needs;
  • Collaborate with student to outline a meal plan to provide Meal Plan Modification for students when needed;
  • Communicate with CSD regarding Dining Services’ capacity to address students’ dietary needs and Meal Plan Modification when needed.
  • Participate on the Meal Plan Modification Review Committee when needed.