Testing Accommodations Agreement

Testing Accommodations Agreement when taking exams at the CSD:

  • I will follow the exam administration procedures of the CSD and collaborate with my faculty in scheduling my exams at the CSD.
  • I will not discuss any information regarding an exam if I take the exam at the Center at an alternate time from my class until after the class has completed it.  My faculty may require me to stay at the CSD until the class has started or completed the exam and I will not use any electronic devices during that time.
  • I understand that if I am late, I may not receive my approved accommodations due to time and seat constraints.
  • I understand that the CSD is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm except during finals weeks and any exams I request to take at the Center must be taken during the CSD’s hours of operation.
  • I understand the  following items are not permitted in the testing rooms, unless approved by instructor (e.g., calculators):
    • Cell phones
    • Electronics/technology
    • Food
  • I understand that pencil cases, calculators and other testing materials will be checked before entering the testing room.
  • I understand that hats, water bottles, cups and other items will be checked before entering the testing room.
  • I will sign a statement affirming that I have stowed all personal items and electronics.
  • I understand that I will be proctored (in person or by video) during all exams I take at the CSD. If suspicious behavior (cheating) is suspected, the proctor will notify the Accommodations Coordinator who will take my exam from me and notify my instructor of the suspicious behavior. The CSD will carry out instructions provided by your instructor regarding the completion of the exam as indicated.
  • I understand that academic misconduct, such as cheating, will result in the CSD no longer being able to administer my exams to me and all future exams will need to be scheduled with my faculty or TA.
  • I will read and sign a statement indicating that I have received my full accommodations and have completed the exam in compliance with the Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code at the end of each exam. If I do not agree that appropriate accommodations have been provided, I can choose not to sign the statement and I will be referred to my Disability Services Professional (DSP).
  • I will be expected to return my exams in a sealed security envelope to my faculty’s office or mailbox upon completion, unless otherwise advised by the faculty or the CSD staff.
  • I will notify my DSP if I drop a class and no longer need testing accommodations for that class.
  • I will notify my DSP if I add a class and need testing accommodations for another class.
  • I understand that violation of this agreement will subject me to the University’s disciplinary process under the Office of Community Standards and The Student Code.