Technology Available Through CSDTech

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CSDTech is a fast-growing service offered through the Center for Students with Disabilities. We are constantly researching applications, software, and devices that can be utilized to help benefit our student population. Our services include assessments and demonstrations, access to educational software, and equipment loans. CSDTech understands that each student learns and studies in a different way and what works for one may not work for another. Therefore we offer a wide variety of solutions to help accommodate our students. Check out below to learn more about how CSDTech can help you!

Equipment Loans


CSDTech loans out specific types of assistive technology and software that can be used in and out of the classroom to help improve notetaking, studying, and over all education. Equipment loans are based upon related approved accommodations. CSDTech loans out Livescribe Echo Smartpens, Livescribe 3 Bluetooth Smartpens, Digital Recorders, and more!



CSDTech has many different kinds of software that can be utilized. Majority of the software can be put directly on your laptop however, some software needs to be used at the CSD on one of the available computers. At CSDTech for your use: Inspiration, Dragon, JAWS, and more! We offer licenses for the following software: Read & Write, Sonocent Audio Notetaker, Audionote, and Kurzweil!


If any of the options above draw your attention, schedule an appointment with CSDTech now! You can either email or you can call 860-486-2020. We look forward to meeting with you!