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OneDrive: App of the Week

You’ve probably used some form of cloud-based storage before, for storing photos, collaborating on projects, or backing up data. OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage system, much improved from the former SkyDrive, with many of the best features from the various cloud storage platforms available. 

30/30, Marinara Timer & More: App(s) of the Week

This week’s App of the Week post highlights a few options for using the Pomodoro Method, discussed in last week’s research post. Using the Pomodoro Method can vary from just a simple timer to using a full scheduling app. These apps are meant to show you some options so you can choose which would be […]

What is Mind Mapping?

What is Mind Mapping? Mind mapping is a way of organizing notes in a “map” or nonlinear web. It can be done by hand or using software. What is Mind Mapping used for? People use mind mapping for brain storming, outlining, and problem solving. It can be used for various stages of a project, including […]