Scholarship and Financial Aid Information

The websites listed below are for informational purposes only. Inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by the CSD.

  • African American Student Scholarships
    Edubirdie has conducted research and collected more than 12 different scholarships and grants for African American students
  • Autism Can Do Scholarship
    The scholarship is open to anyone with autism living in the U.S. or Canada. Applicants need to submit a brief statement about themselves and what they would do with the money. They also need to design a pair of socks, after all, the company makes socks. (No design training needed.) They will produce the socks and give the winner 20 pairs of the socks. 
    • Disability Care Center Scholarships
      Disability Care Center is an organization that helps disabled Americans apply and appeal for Social Security Disability benefits by providing information, resources, and customer service. Their mission is to assist the disabled community and they are now proud to offer 2 new annual scholarships for college students who have a disabling condition or are majoring in special education.
    • DO-IT: College Funding for Students with Disabilities
      DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) provides individuals with disabilities information about college funding through federal and state aid, scholarships, and awards. The site also maintains links to resources for specific disability-related scholarships and awards.
    • Flora Marie Jenkins Memorial Disability Scholarship
      The Flora Marie Jenkins Memorial Disability Scholarship is a nationally-based scholarship that awards money to aspiring individuals with disabilities who wish to further their education. The scholarship is worth $5,000 and hopes to help deserving disabled students enjoy the full benefits of post-secondary education.
    • Iconic Display Autism Scholarship
      The Iconic Display Autism Scholarship was founded on the basis of company’s desire to help the community in any way that they can. This scholarship is worth $750 and aims to help provide financial assistance for a student with autism.
    • MediaWorks Scholarship for Students with Autism
      MediaWorks is a company that dedicates itself to building up communication skills. The goal of this $500 scholarship is to provide assistance to a student with autism in order to help them succeed. The company aims to grow this scholarship in the future.
    • Microsoft DisAbility Scholarship
      The disAbility Scholarship hopes to empower and enable people with disabilities. This scholarship helps disabled high school students with disabilities to go to college and pursue a career in technology. This scholarship is worth $5,000 for four years and hopes to contribute to increasing the number of people with disabilities enrolling in higher education and decreasing the unemployment bias for this demographic.
    • National Federation for the Blind Scholarships
      To recognize achievement by blind scholars, the National Federation of the Blind annually offers blind college students in the United States and Puerto Rico the opportunity to win one of thirty merit-based, national-level scholarships worth from $3,000 to $12,000. All scholarships awarded are based on academic excellence, community service, and leadership.