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Online Learning

UConn continues to deliver courses online for the summer as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) is also continuing to engage with current and incoming students during this time, but the way we do our work looks a little different than usual. The following information provides guidance as you engage with the CSD to request new accommodations and your instructors to coordinate approved accommodations in the online environment.

Please visit Reopening UConn for up to date information on the University’s plans for the Fall 2020 semester.

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Beyond Access

Beyond Access (BA) is an opportunity for you to work smarter, not harder in a competitive academic environment while also preparing for life beyond college. The goals of your individually designed program are to help you understand, achieve, and develop a pathway to success.

  • Work one-on-one with a trained Strategy Instructor for one to three hours a week.
  • Create a customized program that matches your learning style, and personal and academic goals.
  • Develop and enhance your academic, social and life skills including time and stress management, reading, writing and math strategies, self-advocacy, memory and concentration, social skills, health and wellness, and career preparation.

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University of Connecticut Interpreting Services (UCIS) cultivates universal inclusion and meaningful access by ensuring a comprehensively accessible educational environment for d/Deaf and hard of hearing students, faculty, staff, and visitors through the provision of exceptional communication access services, leading technologies, community-building enterprises, and educational programming that respond to the dynamic academic, professional, and cultural demands of a public research university.

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CSDTech provides students with disabilities the opportunity to access learning technologies that aim to enhance overall success and independence. Students interested in learning more can either stop by or set up an appointment by contacting the Tech Team at 860-486-2020 or by email at


UConn GPS provides first year or transfer students an opportunity to learn what it takes to be a successful student at UConn. Move onto campus early and join us for three days of workshops and activities that provide holistic preparation with focus on academic success, knowledge of campus resources, health and wellness, and social involvement and skills

Goals of UConn GPS

  • Develop a plan to maintain physical and emotional health and wellness on campus.
  • Increase awareness of disability services and campus resources.
  • Become an independent, engaged and efficient learner.
  • Prepare for social involvement.
  • Maintain physical and emotional health and wellness.
  • Create an individualized transition plan to help you reach your academic, personal, and social goals.

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REACHing Peers

REACHing Peers stands for Resources in Education and Advocacy for Current Huskies and is a mentoring program aimed to

  • Create a network of peers to support new students in their transitions to UConn.
  • Provide students with a greater sense of support and community at UConn.
  • Promote empowerment, engagement, and self-advocacy through peers supporting peers.
  • Provide opportunities for experienced students registered with the CSD to assist incoming students through similar experiences, such as requesting accommodation letters, adjusting to life in the residence halls, navigating the exam process, or working with faculty.

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Delta Alpha Pi

The international organization, Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society, wishes to recognize academic excellence among students with disabilities on college campuses across the nation. Due to the stigma associated with disabilities, this organization also seeks to empower these students to advocate for themselves and others and serve as mentors.

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Click here to contact Katie Halbruner for questions or call (860) 486-2020