RW logo goodRead&Write (R&W) software is available to all UConn students! Read&Write is a customizable toolbar that integrates reading, writing, studying, and research support tools with common applications. Some features include Text-to-Speech with Dual Synchronized Highlighting, Highlighting, Dictionary, Vocabulary Tool, and Study Skills tools to capture highlights. Whether it be text-to-speech, or another feature, Read&Write has a myriad of tools to support students in building independent learning skills to enhance overall success in college. If you would like to learn more about Read&Write or get the software installed on your computer please contact the CSDTech Team at or 860-486-2020 to make an appointment.

The R&W Toolbar (shown below) sits at the top of the computer screen so its features can be used with any application that is open (Word Documents, PDF’s, Power Points, Web Browsers).


menu bar across screen


Below are descriptions of some of the many features R&W has to offer:


menu bar Read Aloud: These buttons allow you to play, pause, stop, fast forward, and rewind text to have it spoken aloud.
 prediction Prediction: Click this button to open or close the word prediction window. Start typing and words will be predicted.
 dictionary Dictionary: Click this button when you have selected a word to look up in the dictionary. Alternatively, click the button before selecting a word, then type the word into the text box. Definitions can be read aloud by clicking play.
 speech maker Speech Maker: Select a piece of text then click this button to convert the text into a sound file e.g. MP3.
 scanner Scan: Click this button to OCR/Scan a paper document to PDF, Word, or HTML format.
 screen masker Screen Masking: Click this button to tint or mask sections of the window.
 speech input Speech Input: This tool allows you to easily create documents by dictating into a microphone connected to your computer.
 translator Translator: Click this button to open the single word translator, then select a word to have it translated. The Paragraph option in the dropdown menu allows you to select whole paragraphs to translate into the language of your choice.
 highlighters Highlighters: Use the buttons on this toolbar to highlight and collect sections of text. You can also highlight words to automatically create a vocabulary list with definitions and images.


Read&Write Resources:

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