Oral and Sign Language Interpreters

At the request of students who are deaf or hard of hearing, the CSD will provide oral or sign language interpreters to those students whose medical documentation supports such request. The CSD works primarily with the Commission on the Deaf and Hearing-Impaired, Family Services Woodfield, and also employs qualified freelance interpreters as the need arises. Students may also identify their own qualified interpreters. Qualified interpreter means an interpreter who, via a video remote interpreting (VRI) service or an on-site appearance, is able to interpret effectively, accurately, and impartially, both receptively and expressively, using any necessary specialized vocabulary. Qualified interpreters include, for example, sign language interpreters, oral transliterators, and cued-language transliterators (ADA AA, Title II Regulations, 2010).

Students are requested to contact Jennifer Lucia, Associate Director, at 486-2020 (Voice) or 486-2077 (TDD), as soon as his/her class schedule has been established. Students are expected to notify the CSD and/or interpreter if he or she is unable to attend class so that the interpreter can be cancelled for the day. Students are also responsible for notifying the CSD if interpreter arrangements are not suitable or to discuss any other concerns.