Notetaking Assistance/Recording Agreement

Notetaking Assistance/Recording Agreement:

  • I understand that notes provided to me by my faculty, a peer, or other means coordinated by the CSD are for my personal study use only.
  • I understand that recordings are for my personal study use only.
  • I understand that I may not share notes and/or recordings with others or profit financially from the content.
  • I understand that information contained in the notes and/or-recorded lectures is protected, and may not be published or quoted without the lecturer’s explicit consent and without properly identifying and crediting the lecturer.
  • I understand that at the discretion of the instructor, recording or other technology may be prohibited during portions of classes that involve personal discussion and self-disclosure.
  • I agree to delete recordings at the conclusion of the semester, or in the event, I take an Incomplete in the course, when I finish the course.
  • I will contact my Disability Services Professional (DSP) if there are any issues with my notetaking assistance accommodations as soon as possible.
  • I will notify my DSP if I drop a class and no longer need notetaking assistance for that class.
  • I will notify my DSP if I add a class and need notetaking assistance for another class.
  • I understand that violation of this agreement will subject me to the University’s disciplinary process under the Office of Community Standards and The Student Code.