How Do I Request Accommodations?

What do we need from you?

  1. A complete Student Information Form.
    • Visit CSD website at CSD MyAccess  to complete and submit the form.
  2. Documentation regarding your condition(s).
    • Visit the CSD website for documentation guidelines .
  3. Schedule and attend a meeting with your Disability service Provider.
All student information, including documentation is kept confidential in a secure database.

What do we provide you?

  1. A Disability Service Provider (DSP).
    • You will receive an email from CSD notifying you of your DSP’s contact information to schedule an appointment once your Student Information Form is provided.
  2. An interactive process to determine accommodations and services that are appropriate for you based on your courses, your disability, and your learning style.
  3. Assistance in the coordination of accommodations and services.
  4. Explanation of rights and responsibilities.