Technology for Accommodations: Exams

Students who are approved to use a reader for exams have the option of using text-to-speech software to read their exams aloud for them. All of our testing computers are equipped with Read and Write, a toolbar that students can use to read their exams aloud.

RW Toolbar

When students who are approved to use a reader for exams register to take their exams at the CSD, they will have the option to use the reading software or not. They can choose to use it for some classes and not for others.

Many students like using the reading software because they are more comfortable being alone in the testing room and they like being able to better pace themselves. It can also highlight as it reads or mask other sections of the screen, which helps with following along and comprehending.

Students can come try out the software on a testing computer or have it installed on their personal computer so they are more familiar with it. Contact the CSDTech Team with any questions or to set up an appointment at: 860-486-2020 or

Check out this video to learn more about using text-to-speech software for exams at the CSD: