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Episode 1:
The Other

Episode 1

Episode 2:
Diversity of
the Mind

Episode 2

Episode 3:
Discovering you are Neurodiverse

Episode 3

Episode 4:
A Student and Instructor Working Together

Episode 4

Episode 5:
Neurodiversity and Employment

Episode 5

Episode 6:

Episode 6


About This Podcast

The mission of Husky Talks is to positively expand UConn students and staff perspectives, while improving knowledge and understanding and fostering insight on student requested topics.

Husky Talks is a podcast made by students, for students and other active listeners.

Our goal is to work hard to provide content to help our listeners gain insight on interesting and sensitive topics that apply to a college student of today. By gaining insight and perspective our goal is to help UConn students have the best college experience possible. Strategic initiatives like Diversity, Inclusion, Life Transformative Education, Career Readiness    are only a few hot topics for all our campuses. Listen in to hear how Husky Talks can positively impact you.

Listen to Husky Talks to find out more about the programs UConn has in place to help students succeed academically and professionally. Our podcast is sponsored by the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD). Our goal of Husky Talks will focus on interesting topics across our campuses that impact all our Husky listeners.

Our outreach efforts will include holistic and different ways to find success. Including different ways get involved and hear about the latest events going on around each campus.

We aim to help students succeed academically, professionally, and socially. Husky Talks is a podcast series about all things UConn, meaning if you belong to a club, study group, organization, fraternity, sorority, or have anything you feel passionate about and want to let others on campus know about, reach out to us to get an episode to highlight your passions.