Campus Change Information

The University of Connecticut is a multi-campus system. Students may take courses at any campus: Avery Point, Farmington, Hartford, Stamford, Storrs, and Waterbury. However, students must be registered for the majority of their credits at their home campus. The home campus is the campus to which the student was admitted unless an authorized campus change has taken place.

Normally, students should be planning to be at the Storrs campus after completion of 54 credits. Students should pay attention to any deadlines for applying to change campuses and on-campus housing at Storrs rather than wait until course work has been completed – this is even more important in situations requiring the need to change campuses prior to competing 54 credits.

Students are encouraged to contact the Regional Campus Coordinator at their home campus with any questions or concerns about this process. Please visit the Regional Campus Contacts page for contact information and Campus Change for more information.