Campus Building Accessibility Information

  • ABL
    Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory
  • ACS
    Art Ceramic Studio
  • ADC
    Art Design Building
  • APS
    Art Printshop
  • ALUM
    Alumni Center
  • ARJ
    Jaime Homero Arjona Building
  • ARTB
    Art Building
  • ATWR
    Wilbur O. Atwater Laboratory
  • B1, B2, B3, B4, B4-A, B5
    Biobehavioral Sciences
  • BCH
    Charles Lewis Beach Hall
  • BFFC
    Burton Family Football Complex
  • BISH
    Merlin D. Bishop Center
  • BOUS
    W. A. Bousfield – Psychology
  • BPB
    Biology/Physics Building
  • BRON
    A. B. Bronwell Building
  • BUD
    John J. Budds Building
  • BUSN
    School of Business
  • CAST
    F. L. Castleman
  • CHM
    Chemistry Building
  • CLAS
    Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • CLAS
    Academic Services Center
  • COOP
    UConn Co-op
  • CUE
    Center for Undergraduate Education
  • DB
    Dairy Bar
  • DC
    Daily Campus
  • DODD
    T.J. Dodd Center
  • DRMU
    Drama/Music Building
  • E2
    Engineering II
  • FG
    Floriculture Greenhouse
  • FIF
    Freitas Ice Forum
  • FS
    Family Studies Building
  • GAMP
    Gampel Pavilion Sports Center
  • GANT
    Edward V. Gant Science Complex
  • GENT
    C. B. Gentry – Education
  • GRE
    Greer Field House
  • GUL
    Gulley Hall
  • HALL
    Hall Dorm
  • HAWL
    Hawley Armory – this building is not accessible (no picture)
  • HBL
    Homer Babbidge Library
  • HDB
    Human Development and Family Relations Building
  • HHA
    Horsebarn Hill Arena
  • HJT
    Harriet S. Jorgensen Auditorium & Theatre
  • IMS
    Institute of Material Sciences
  • INN
    Nathan Hale Inn
  • ITE
    Information Technology Engineering
  • JONS
    R. E. Jones – Nutritional Sciences
  • KLIN
    M. S. Klinck – Agriculture
  • KNS
    Koons Hall
  • LVC
    Lodewick Visitor’s Center
  • MAN
    Manchester Hall
  • MLIB
    Music Library
  • MNH
    Museum of Natural History
  • MONT
    H. R. Monteith
  • MSB
    Math Science Building
  • MUSB
    Music Building
  • NKT
    Nafe Katter Trust Theatre
  • PB
    Physics Building
  • PBB
    Pharmacy/Biology Building
  • PCS
    David C. Phillips Communication Sciences Building
  • PDFD
    Public Safety Complex (Police & Fire Departments)
  • PR
    Putnam Refectory
  • RHBA
    Ratcliffe Hicks
  • ROME
    Rome Commons
  • SCHN
    Andre Schenker
  • SHA
    Storrs Hall Annex
  • SRF
    Student Recreation Facility
  • STRS
    Storrs Hall
  • SU
    Student Union
  • TLS
    Torrey Life Sciences
  • TSAC
    Towers Student Activity Center
  • TSK
    Tasker Building – Admissions
  • UTEB
    United Technologies Building
  • VDM
    Von der Mehden Recital Hall
  • WARE
    Central Warehouse (houses Parking Services)
  • WBMA
    William Benton Museum of Art
  • WCB
    Wilbur Cross Building
  • WGC
    Whetten Graduate Center
  • WITE
    George C. White Building
  • WOOD
    Wood Hall
  • WSH
    Williams Student Health Services Building
  • WSRH
    Nellie Louise Wilson Residence Hall (South Campus A)
  • YNG
    W. B. Young Building