Beyond Access

ba_bridge_largeWhat is Beyond Access?

Beyond Access (BA) provides an opportunity for students to work smarter, not harder, in a competitive academic environment while also preparing for life beyond college. Students enrolled in BA work closely with a trained Strategy Instructor (SI) to design and customize their program based on their individual goals and learning profile. Students can chose to meet with their SI for three hours a week (Track I) or one hour per week (Track II) to work on developing skills such as: time management and organization, study skills, stress management, self-advocacy, memory and concentration, social skills, career preparation, health and wellness, and reading and writing strategies.

As this program goes beyond the legislative mandates, in order to provide the necessary materials and resources, participation in this program includes a rate of $3,600 per semester for Track I and $1,800 per semester for Track II.

Goals of Beyond Access

  • To help students identify strengths and challenges in both their academic and personal life.
  • To increase awareness of strategies, skills, and technologies for application in and out of the classroom.
  • To create a positive learning environment through active networking and communication amongst students, staff, faculty and parents and family members.
  • To help students build the self-determination needed to advocate for themselves on campus.

Who is our Beyond Access team?

Our Beyond Access team is made up of professional staff members who supervise the program and graduate students who serve as Strategy Instructors (SIs). These graduate students come from a wide variety of disciplines including, but not limited to: Neag School of Education (Special Education, School Psychology, Adult Learning, etc.), School of Social Work, Department of Communication, and Department of Psychology.

The graduate students who make up the Beyond Access team are all working towards their master’s and/or doctoral degrees and have had experience working with students with disabilities either in a classroom or one-on-one setting. They attend a comprehensive training during the summer where they are provided pertinent information on the following topics:

  • CSD policies and procedures
  • Campus resources that are available to students
  • Training related to working with students in Beyond Access

Throughout the semester, SIs are required to submit weekly meeting notes to their supervisor, as well as attend regularly scheduled meetings. These meetings are used to discuss student cases, specific strategies that may be of assistance for individual students, and suggestions for continued work with their student caseloads.

The Center makes every effort to provide a positive experience for students in our Beyond Access program and is dedicated to hiring a team that shares a passion for working with students and helping them to realize and work towards achieving their goals. We invite you to explore our program and get to know the graduate students by clicking on their names to the right!

Who Can Apply?

Beyond Access is open to any University of Connecticut student who is interested in working with a SI to meet his/her academic and personal goals. Students do not need to have a disability to apply. Please note: Students must first be admitted to UConn or be a current student in order to apply.

How Can Students Apply?

  • Students interested in participating should complete the Beyond Access Application.
  • Applications are also available at the Center for Students with Disabilities (Wilbur Cross Building, Room 204).
  • Once the application is completed and returned, a Beyond Access representative will contact you to discuss the next steps.

If you have questions regarding the Beyond Access program, please contact Christine Wenzel, Associate Director, at (860) 486-2020 or

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