Assistive Technology/Computer Accessibility

  • Abledata
    ABLEDATA provides objective information about assistive technology products and rehabilitation equipment available from domestic and international sources. Although ABLEDATA does not sell any products, we can help you locate the companies that do.
  • Accessibility information about Microsoft Products
    At Microsoft, we strive to build technology for everyone. Accessible technology enables opportunity for people of all abilities-including those with difficulties, impairments, and disabilities-to scale new heights and achieve goals they never thought possible.
  • Apple Accessibility
    Apple has been committed to helping people with disabilities access their personal computer. Apple’s commitment to accessibility is evident throughout the Mac OS X operating system which is by design, easy to use, but also includes a wide variety of features and technologies specifically designed to provide accessibility to users with disabilities. Apple refers to these features collectively as Universal Access and has integrated them right into the operating system so they can be used in conjunction with a variety of applications from Apple and other developers.
  • Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Acces
    CATEA supports individuals with disabilities of any age within the State of Georgia and beyond through expert services, research, design and technological development, information dissemination and educational programs.  The application of these resources is intended to promote maximum access to opportunity and environments by enhancing individuals’ capabilities through the appropriate use of technology.
  • New England Technology Marketplace NEAT
    NEAT was established to provide information and access to equipment and devices that can change the lives of people of all ages, with all types of disabilities, both temporary and permanent.  It is a place to learn about products and equipment that assist people with day-to-day activities they have trouble doing themselves, either because of disability or the effects of aging.  Equipment may also be donated or bought from NEAT.
    Our mission at is to help children and adults with disabilities enhance their lives, increase their independence and productivity, and gain greater social inclusion through the use of leading-edge assistive technology.
  • The Alliance for Technology Access
    The Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) is the national network of community-based Resource Centers, Developers, Vendors, and Associates dedicated to providing information and support services to children and adults with disabilities, and increasing their use of standard, assistive, and information technologies.
  • The Family Center on Technology and Disability
    The Family Center on Technology and Disability provides a wide range of resources on assistive and instructional technologies, from introductory fact sheets through CEU’s for practitioners and educators.
  • is a resource for finding materials in alternate formats.  Books are available in different formats, many free of charge including PDF, Plain text, and DAISY.  There is an easy to use text-to-speech function that reads the texts aloud.