Android Note-taking Apps

Please keep in mind any Apps with a * after there name are offered in the CSD Tech Lab. A more in depth demonstration on how to use these Apps to benefit your study are available. If you are interested in this please contact the CSD Tech Team.



AudioNote Lite

  • Website:
  • Description:
    AudioNote Lite combines a notepad and voice recorder to save you time and improve the quality of your notes. This application synchronizes notes and audio, in order to automatically index lectures, meetings, or study sessions. Other features include highlighted notes during playback, helping you remember the context in which your notes were taken.


  • Website:
  • Description:
    Evernote is an application that allows you to sync notes from all of the computers and devices that you use. It allows you to take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, and record voice reminders, all of which are completely searchable.
note everything

Note Everything

  • Website:
  • Description:
    Note Everything is an Android-only notetaking app that is focused on quick notes to the user, instead of course-oriented notetaking. Users can draw, type, or speak notes and organize them in folders.
smartvoice picture

Smartvoice Recorder

  • Android (2.3 or later)
  • Description
    Recording device that will stop recording (to save space) when there is a pause in the lecture or meeting. You can typically hold up to 75 hours of audio.