Alternate Media Accommodations

Alternate Media Agreement:

If you cannot purchase a digital copy of a textbook and/or your faculty is unable to provide you with digital copies of course materials, the CSD will provide digitized copies of textbooks/course materials for you.

  • I understand that due to copyright laws, I must show proof that I have purchased or rented my textbooks before I can receive the text in alternate format.
  • I understand that alternate media is for my personal study use only.
  • I understand that I may not share the alternate media provided to me with others or profit financially from the content.
  • I understand that any duplication of digitized materials is prohibited by law.
  • I will notify my DSP if I drop a class and no longer need material in alternate format for that class.
  • I will notify my DSP if I add a class and need material in alternate format for another class.
  • I understand that violation of this agreement will subject me to the University’s disciplinary process under the Office of Community Standards and The Student Code.