Month: January 2021

New Course Organizer Tool

In need of a way to organize course information without rereading through several paragraphs and pages of course syllabi each time?

Have course details to store without getting them mixed into other notes?

Try out the new course organizer tool provided by CSD Beyond Access Program. Students enrolled in BA: connect with your Strategy Instructor for additional resources and strategies on maintaining organization through the semester.

CSD and MyUConn App

The CSD now has an app that is easily accessible through the MyUConn app. You can access instructions on how to utilize and download the app here:

CSD in the MyUConn App

Step I:

  1. Go to the App store on your phone
  2. Search for the MyUconn App
  3. Download the App
  4. Select a new persona-residential student or commuter student
  5. Sign In using your NetId
  6. Click on the three bars in the top right corner
  7. Click Add favorites
  8. Select Center for Students with Disabilities by clicking on the +
  9. Click the three bars in the top right corner
  10. Choose Center for Students with Disabilities
  11. You will now see the CSD app home screen 

Step II (to receive notifications from CSD)

  1. Click the person at the top right corner
  2. Click messages
  3. Choose Opt-in at the top from All Public Opt-in
  4. Go to Explore all opt-in channels by clicking the > 
    • Select Center for Students with Disabilities to receive general announcements and reminders from the CSD by clicking the > and then clicking the Opt in green button at the top right (you can Opt out anytime)
    • Select CSD-Beyond Access to receive announcements for participants in the Beyond Access Program by clicking the > and then clicking the Opt in green button at the top right (you can Opt out anytime)
    • Select CSD-UCIS (Interpreting Services) to receive announcements for recipients of d/Deaf and hard of hearing services by clicking the > and then clicking the Opt in green button at the top right (you can Opt out anytime)

Innovate Wellness Challenge

The UConn Wellness Coalition and OPIM Innovate are excited to host UConn’s second campus-wide Innovate Wellness Challenge. Over the past two years, the Wellness Coalition has brought together students, staff, and faculty from across campus to work towards one vision: UConn is a thriving, connected campus community that supports the full potential of every student. This vision is only possible if students fully embrace it.

This year, undergraduate student teams will address student stress. Students have the best vantage point to take on this challenge and we need new thinking from our talented, innovative students. Through this challenge you will use the Design Thinking Process, build your skills and resumé, work with students, staff, and faculty, have the chance to implement your solutions, and win up to $2,250!

The Innovate Wellness Challenge is composed of three rounds:

  1. Poster Presentations
  2. Semi-Final Presentations
  3. Final Presentations

We value student voices and are looking for creative solutions that allow and encourage students to share their ideas for empowering students to reach their full potential both in and outside of the classroom.

Learn more here.

UConn Faith

In both research and practice, spirituality is a core dimension of holistic wellness. When we are spiritually well, we feel an authentic connection to something greater than ourselves. Through this connection, we create a set of core values, principles, and beliefs that guide us in our daily actions. Spiritual wellness promotes resiliency, clarifies purpose and fosters a sense of community belonging – all of which contribute to our ability to grow and flourish throughout our lives. Click here to learn more about UConn Faith.