AutiPlan: App of the Week

Keeping all of your plans straight can be very stressful, so having some structure and predictability in your life can be extremely helpful! Visual scheduling with pictograms is proven to be helpful for many students by reducing stress and anxiety. Using the free Android app AutiPlan, you can enter your day-to-day activities and you can either print out the schedule or have a notification appear on your phone when it’s time for the next task!

Not only does this work on an Android or Tablet, but you can also access it on your computer! Easily and quickly putting together a schedule using the schedule editor, schedule templates, and automatic repetitions.

Also, if you have an iphone or ipad, check out the app “Visual Schedule Planner”. This is also a completely costomizable visual schedule. The app is actually designed to reduce your anxiety with transitioning from tast to task and provides a simple way to visually represent your day.

The “Visual Schedule Planner” app does cost $14.99 but can be an extremely helpful tool if you have trouble managing your schedule. We all have those occasional late nights and early mornings where you wake up groggy and have trouble getting started with the day. Having a visual aid to to tell you exactly what to do is the perfect solution. So if you’re in need of an app that can help you plan out your day visually, check out “AutiPlan” or “Visual Schedule Planner”.