Twilight: App of the Week

The Twilight App Logo

Twilight is a health and wellness app for Android products.

Reading on Screens in Dim Lighting

Twilight allows your screen backlight to be lowered far beyond the ability of the backlight controls on your device. As a result, your eyes won’t have to strain as much when trying to read in poorly lit settings!

Have trouble falling asleep?

Some studies have suggested that exposure to blue light before going to bed may make it more difficult to fall asleep. Twilight can help prevent this by changing the screen lighting based on the time of day. This way, by the time it’s night, the screen will have adjusted to have a red filter and a dimmer screen!


If you’re in a hurry to adjust the Twilight settings, just swipe down to view your device’s notifications. Clicking on the Twilight notification will allow you to quickly pause or change your current settings without having to open up the full app.


The paid version of Twilight allows you to create profiles! In other words, you can set up a profile for simply reading on your phone in the living room, another profile for reading before bed, and yet another for being out late. Once the profiles are created, you can quickly switch between them instead of having to adjust each setting manually!


If you want to learn more, check out the free Twilight by Urbanandroid Team here.For even more features, check out the $2.99 app Twilight Pro Unlock here. If you’re looking for something similar on your iOS device, check out Apple’s own Night Shift mode here. Windows users will want to check out the f.lux app here, and maybe even read a previous post on the app here!