World Usability Day New England at UConn

By Meghan Palumbo


On November 9th, countries across the world will join in celebrating World Usability Day. World Usability Day is a worldwide recognition of how technology affects people’s lives and how it can be used to make the world more efficient.

World Usability Day Logo

World Usability Day (WUD) has been celebrated every year on the second thursday of November since its beginnings in 2005. WUD gathers people of all different backgrounds, including professionals, citizens, students, and educators, to collaborate and share ideas surrounding technology. The goal of WUD is to celebrate the progress that has been made in using technology to make life easier and to educate people about how usability influences their everyday lives.


World Usability Day is working towards a world in which technology assists people in all parts of their lives as effectively as possible, including education, health, government, communications, privacy, and entertainment. Technology should not be a source of frustration for people; it should instead be used as a helpful tool to make their lives easier. World Usability Day aims to share how technology can benefit people’s lives and create a better world for everyone.


This year, over 36 events in 18 countries across the world will be recognizing World Usability Day! Each year has a different theme. World Usability Day 2017 will focus on inclusion through user experience. Past topics have included healthcare, sustainability, communication, and innovation.

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Every year, New England celebrates World Usability Day with a large conference called World Usability Day New England (WUDNE), which hosts many different speakers giving exciting and informative presentations.


This year, WUDNE is being held at UConn’s Storrs campus! Join us on November 9th in the Student Union for a day of compelling presentations and exhibitors. Attend presentations on innovative topics ranging from how augmented reality can benefit the blind to how assistive technology can be used in preschools to strategies for accommodating mental health disabilities. Exhibitors at the event will include Texthelp, Kurzweil Education, Blackboard Inc., and more.

An aerial view of the UConn Storrs campus
An aerial view of the UConn Storrs campus

Register for WUNDE 2017 at UConn here and read more about World Usability Day across the world here!