App of the Week: Pocket

As the name of the app suggests, Pocket is an application that is available on technology that fits in your pocket! Pocket is accessible on your phone, as well as on a tablet or computer. This app is somewhat similar to Pinterest, but rather than being used to save mostly pictures, it is used to save articles. It doesn’t require Wi-Fi to open articles once you’ve saved them and is free!

Pocket has a main feed called ‘My List’ of articles you saved, but you can also create tags to categorize them, and archive the articles you no longer need. My favorite part of Pocket is the lack of need for Wi-Fi, because it allows you to read articles anytime and anywhere! The app is available for both Mac and Windows users, and on both Apple and Android phones. Pocket has the potential to be a valuable research tool because of your ability to categorize articles and read them later without Wi-Fi. For those of you who take trips during the semester, and aren’t always certain if you will have access to Wi-Fi, or if you like to the ability to do your work regardless of where you are, this app is perfect for you! You can find more information or create an account on their website:

Pocket Home Page