Managing Anxiety with Meditation

Everyone has their own way of relaxing, and it is important to find what best works for you. A great option is downloading an app!

If you like to play games on your phone, you could try the app Zen Sand. The objective is to get the flowing sand into the vases using bamboo sticks. You use your logic to position the bamboo the right way so you can fill each vase. Therefore, while you are challenging your brain, the sand flowing into the vase is also very relaxing. This would be perfect as a quick study break; it keeps your mind active but also relaxes it!

Breathe would also be a great app to try! Anyone can use this meditation app, whether you have tried meditation before or not. When you first open the app it asks, “How are you?” Then you tap begin, and it asks you how you feel emotionally and physically, and then gives you a chance to add any other emotions you are feeling. At the end of the short questionnaire, it will pick specific meditations tailored to how you are feeling that day. If you need help getting to sleep, grounding yourself in the present, a quick pick me up, or any other meditation, this app has them! It describes the goal of each meditation in the details so you can target whatever it is that is bothering you. This is great for short, daily meditations, and you can even set a reminder to meditate and keep you on a schedule.