Remember the Milk: App of the Week

Remember the Milk Logo

Remember the Milk is an organizational app that can sync across Windows, iOS, and Android products.

Task Lists

The app allows you to add tasks to customizable lists. Each task can be personalized so that any specifics of the task are mentioned in a note. Additionally, tasks can be set with a due date and priority, depending on how important it is. Remember the Milk has a tagging system in place so that it is easy to your organize tasks.

Alternate Ways to Add Tasks

There are ways, other than using the app itself, to add tasks to your lists! Your email, Alexa, Siri, and Twitter can all add tasks to your Remember the Milk lists.

Giving Tasks

This is a great way to remind friends of their assignments. All that you need to do is make a list of tasks and then send it to them! They can then use the list as their own.

Sharing Tasks

You can share your lists with up to 2 other people. Sharing lists and tasks lets everyone work on the same things at once. This allows everyone working on the tasks know what has already been completed at any given time.


Remember the Milk syncs with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Evernote. This lets you have your tasks wherever you go!


After setting up your contact preferences, you can have the app send you reminders of your tasks via email, text, IM, and Twitter!


Check out Remember the Milk for desktop here, for iOS here, and for Android here. The free app has all the above features. Extra features, such as sharing lists with an unlimited number of people and working offline in the web app, are included in the paid version. The paid version costs $39.99 per year.