Quizlet: App of the Week

Quizlet IconQuizlet is a flashcard website that allows you to create new flashcards and study ones designed by other people. It is available both as a website and mobile app for iOS and Android.

With Quizlet, you can quickly create sets of flashcards to study any topic. Once you create your flashcard set, you can study it in several modes, including simple review and games, and keep track of your progress. You can share sets of flashcards with classmates. For example, you and some friends could split up the work and each create part of the flash cards and share them for a complete review. Some classes even have premade flashcard sets. Try searching “uconn + course name” on the browser version to see if somebody already made a set.

Quizlet is particularly helpful for courses that require a lot of review and memorization. A lot of people find it helpful for foreign languages or classes like anatomy.

quizlet screen shot

Quizlet is free. You just need to create an account (if you want to make flashcards) and download the app if you are using it on a mobile device. Check out Quizlet here.