CSDTech Team Gears Up for the Fall Semester!

CSDTech Team Group PhotoLast week the members of the CSDTech Team gathered for our annual training in order to prepare for the start of the Fall semester. The CSDTech Team is in place to assist students registered with the CSD in exploring a variety of learning technologies that will help them in their courses. The team had a blast playing around with all the technology CSDTech has to offer and they are excited to begin working with our students!

After a long summer of preparation, Alyssa Marinaccio (Assistive Technology Coordinator) and Ryan Rood (CSDTech Graduate Assistant) were excited to welcome back the team and get them ready for the best semester yet! This year we welcomed three new CSDTech Team members: Amanda Lor (Senior), Kelsey Butler-Waitkus (Junior) and Nancy Kuhn (Freshmen), along with CSDTech Team veterans, Amy Robinson (Junior) and Meridith Kuperstein (Junior).

During the training the team learned all about the types of technology CSDTech offers, how to demo and loan out this technology to students, how to help students determine what will work best for them and much more! After the training, the team reflected on their experience by answering the following:


What are you most excited about in your new/returning role as a CSDTech Team member?

“I am excited to be working on a team that excels at helping students overcome any barriers that may be hindering them from getting the most out of their college experience.” -Amanda

“I am looking forward to learning about and sharing all the new technologies out there for students.” -Amy

“I am most excited to be starting a new job where I am able to interact with and help students in a meaningful way. I value education and appreciate the opportunity to be working in a setting where access to learning materials is at the forefront of what we do.” -Kelsey


What technology are you most excited to learn more about/share with our students?

CSDTech Team WorkingThe group consensus here was that the Livescribe Smartpens are all the rage!

“I’m excited to share our smartpens with students. They make taking notes much easier and less stressful.” -Meridith

“I am very excited to give the smartpen demos. This technology opens up so many possibilities for streamlining notetaking and studying, I love playing around with the pens.” -Amy

“ECHO LIVESCRIBE PEN! I have lost count on how many times I had missed what the professor had said as I was taking notes. I absolutely had no idea that this sort of technology existed, and so I am both excited to learn how to maximize the use of this pen and to share this resource with other students.” -Amanda


It is clear that the CSDTech Team has a lot of enthusiasm and are more than ready to start working with our students! If you are a student registered with CSD and would like to learn more about the Livescribe Smartpen or any other technology we have to offer, you may do the following:

Explore our website: csd.uconn.edu/csdtech to learn more about what we do and the technology we offer.

Set up an appointment to meet with a member of the CSDTech Team by calling 860-486-2020 or emailing csdtech@uconn.edu.

Stop by! We accept walk-ins during office hours (8:00 am – 5:00 pm). Our office is located on the second floor of the Wilbur Cross building.

We look forward to working with you!

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