Evernote: App of the Week



If you’ve spent much time at all looking into notetaking apps, you’ve definitely come across Evernote, one of the earlier apps in its category. Whether you’re looking for storage, an easily editable platform, organization support, or more, Evernote seems to have something for everyone. However, it seems like a lot of people find it try it and find that they aren’t using it effectively. We’ll look at what the app can do for you, who could benefit from it, and how to get started.

What can Evernote do?

The most basic feature of Evernote is obviously its simple and easily editable notetaking interface. Whether you’re typing on a computer, tablet, or phone, this notetaking interface helps you organize your notes quickly. Evernote’s intuitive storage system lets you organize multiple file types (think notes, PDFs, audio recordings, photos etc.) into a single digital notebook synced across multiple devices.

There are also several related apps that increase the functionality of Evernote. Evernote Scannable uses your device’s camera as a scanner to digitally organize papers such as receipts or business cards. Skitch lets you write on PDFs or photos and save or share your edits. Penultimate improves the use of your tablet for handwriting or drawing. The availability of these extensions depends on your operating system and level of your plan, which we’ll talk about later.

Who could benefit from it?

Evernote is helpful for students who struggle with organization and want a digital solution. It’s helpful for people who use technology for many different purposes in classes, such as taking digital notes, storing PDF’s, taking pictures of the board, and making audio recordings. It’s also helpful for people looking for more digital organization in their personal life as well. It could be used for making shopping lists (that you won’t leave at home because they’re on your phone), storing business cards of professional contacts, saving receipts for personal finances, or keeping to-do lists. The more things you integrate into the app, the more useful to you it becomes. It could eventually replace several different apps if you’re using multiple digital storage apps for different areas of your life.

How do I get started?

You can check out their website or get it in the Apple App Store or Google Play. The basic plan, which is free, gives you 60 MB of storage and syncs your account across two devices. You can pay for the Plus or Premium plans monthly or yearly if you decide to upgrade. Occasionally, they run student deals for the upgrades.

One review I read of the app said that the best way to get started is to dive full force in. It probably won’t feel particularly helpful if you’re just typing your notes in the app, as you could do this in any number of apps. Try combining multiple uses of it, such as saving readings and webpages along with your notes, or organizing all of your research for a project into one notebook.