AudioNote: App of the Week

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AudioNote is an app that combines multiple forms of notes in one place. It syncs typed or handwritten (on a touchscreen) notes with an audio recording of a lecture or meeting. AudioNote can be used on computers, tablets, or smartphones.

With AudioNote, you start recording at the beginning of the lecture. It will sync the audio to whatever you write, draw, or type in the app. When you want to review the notes, you can either click at a specific point in your notes to hear the associated audio, or you can listen to the whole audio and watch your notes highlight when they were written. When reviewing, you can always take additional notes or highlight your notes.

AudioNote also allows you to upload slides before the lecture (on all platforms except Android). With this feature, you could take notes on slides, so the slides, notes, and audio will all be synced with each other. For Macs, there is also a more advanced app from the same publisher called Note Studio which allows you to sync notes with video and web pages in addition to the audio recording.

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AudioNote is available to purchase for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. There is a free trial version available for all platforms so you can test it out before you purchase. CSDTech has some licenses available for students. Check out the app here.