Cold Turkey: App of the Week

cold turkey logo

Do you find yourself frequently getting distracted by the internet while trying to do homework? Maybe it’s social media, video streaming, gaming, or even just your email. You can’t do your homework without your computer, but just being on the computer is a distraction itself. All college students have run into this problem at some point.

Cold Turkey is an app that lets you block certain sites on your computer for a set period of time. You can choose preset groups of sites to block, such as their “distracting sites” group, or create your own groups of sites that tend to distract you. You then set a period of time to block those sites from your computer on all browsers. You could use this technique along with the Pomodoro method, discussed last week, to increase productivity by breaking down study time. Or you could block all social media while you’re using your computer in class to take notes.

You can do all of the above with the free version of Cold Turkey, however, there is a Pro version that is available for a one time fee of $19 that has many additional features. With Cold Turkey Pro, you can also block computer applications, such as games or music. You can also create a recurring schedule of blocks, so you won’t be tempted to not turn it on during homework time. The scheduling feature also has built in work/break planning, which can help you to effectively implement Pomodoro techniques.

You can check out Cold Turkey here. Looking to use this technique on a different device? Next week, we’ll be covering apps that perform similar functions for Macs, iOS devices, Android devices, and more. Want to learn more about time management and the Pomodoro method? Check out last week’s post.