What is Mind Mapping?

Mind Map Guidlines

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping is a way of organizing notes in a “map” or nonlinear web. It can be done by hand or using software.

What is Mind Mapping used for?

People use mind mapping for brain storming, outlining, and problem solving. It can be used for various stages of a project, including planning, researching, and communicating. It is helpful for organizing and collecting information, and making connections between information. You can use a mind map to structure a presentation, or even present directly from the mind map.

Why is Mind Mapping helpful?

There have been many studies about the effectiveness of mind mapping. For some people, mind mapping can help with memory and long term retention. It also has been shown to help with the generation and organization of ideas. Many people also find that mind mapping helps improve their concentration and engagement.

How can I get started with Mind Mapping?

You can always use the strategy of mind mapping with just a paper and pencil. However, CSDTech offers a number of different programs that can assist with mind mapping. These programs allow rapidly adding new topics, quick reorganizing, and copying and pasting quotes. Some of the programs also offer pre-made templates as a starting point or one-click conversion into an outline. Some programs are available as apps, others can be used at the CSD, and others can be installed on students’ computers.

Some mind mapping programs that we recommend are: Inspiration, Read & Write, Kurzweil, Popplet, and Idea Sketch. Check out our “Technology Recommendations” page for more info or contact the CSDTech Team to try out some mind mapping programs.