f.lux: App of the Week

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Do you use your computer or mobile devices right before bed? Do you have trouble falling asleep after using your mobile device? If so, installing f.lux on your mobile device or computer might help you sleep better.

Research suggests that reading from a screen for a couple hours before bed delays sleep by about an hour. Studies have shown that it’s primarily the blue light from screens that keeps people up, even after they’ve put their device away.

f.lux is an app that you install on your computer or mobile device to minimize the blue light emitted by your screen. Once you set up the app, which includes picking your time zone and preferred filter, you don’t need to do anything else. f.lux will automatically adjust your screen to have less blue light depending on the time of day. It will gradually decrease the amount of blue light in the evening and increase it during the day.

I personally use f.lux on my computer. I find that the change in screen colorĀ is barely noticeable , but I definitely notice the change in my sleep patterns. I’m the type of person who usually does homework right up until I go to bed. It used to take me over an hour to fall asleep, but I fall asleep much faster with f.lux. I use one of the lighter filters, so it doesn’t change as dramatically as the heavier filters do. It’s also really easy to turn off from the bottom bar if I need to do any color-sensitive work. I would definitely recommend this app to any college student.

Check out the research behind f.lux and download it on your computer here.