Physical Dexterity Impairments

Students may have limited manual dexterity as a result of illness or injury. In this age of the computer, increasing numbers of students are developing carpal tunnel syndrome, which causes them to suffer severe pain when they take notes or write exams.

Suggested Modifications and Accommodations

  • Whether they handwrite, use computers, or dictate to a scribe, students with limited manual dexterity generally need extended time for examinations.
  • Students may need frequent rest breaks during exams, since handwriting and typing are slow and painful, and dictating to a scribe is difficult and mentally fatiguing.
  • During lab sessions, students may often need assistants to manipulate equipment, make notes, and complete lab reports.
  • Students may also use assistive technology equipment, which is available at the CSD as well as the library. Please refer to¬†Assistive & Learning Technologies¬†for the most up-to-date technology information.