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The University of Connecticut is committed to achieving equal educational opportunity and full participation for persons with disabilities. It is the policy that no qualified person be excluded from participating in any University program or activity or otherwise be subjected to discrimination with regard to any University program or activity. This policy derives from the commitment to non-discrimination for all persons in employment, access to facilities, student programs, activities and services.

Achieving full participation and integration of people with disabilities requires the cooperative efforts of the departments, offices and personnel. To this end, the University will continue to strive to achieve excellence in its services and to assure that its services are delivered equitably and efficiently to all of its members.


Accommodations are adaptations and changes made to elements of a student’s postsecondary program that help to compensate for the student’s impairment(s) and provide equal access to students with disabilities. Here are the basics:

  • Any student with a documented disability may be eligible to receive accommodations & services from the CSD;
  • The purpose of accommodations and modifications is to reduce or eliminate any disadvantages that may exist because of an individual’s disability;
  • Accommodations are not a guarantee for success, but rather seek to promote non-discrimination and equal access opportunities;
  • Accommodations are not student preferences; they are determined through an established review process based on documentation received regarding the student’s disability;
  • The law does not require institutions to waive specific courses or academic requirements considered essential to a particular program or degree. Rather, they are mandated to modify existing requirements on a case-by-case basis in order to ensure that individuals are not discriminated against on the basis of their disability;
  • In order to access accommodations, students must disclose their disability to the CSD and state their requested accommodations.
The Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) engages in an interactive process with each student and reviews requests for accommodations on an individualized, case-by-case basis. Depending on the nature and functional limitations of a student’s documented disability, he/she may be eligible for reasonable and appropriate accommodations. To request accommodations, please refer to the following procedure:

Step 1: Register online with the CSD via MyAccess. NetID and password are required for registration. An e-mail will be sent confirming registration once complete.
If you prefer to register using a paper form, please click here to view and download a Student Information Form.

Step 2: Students must provide appropriate documentation to the CSD, which establishes the need for an accommodation and relates the current impact of the condition to the requested accommodations. Guidelines for documentation are available here.

  • Students are advised to share the documentation guidelines with the appropriate treatment provider who can best describe the nature of the condition for which an accommodation is being requested.
  • Documentation may be submitted confidentially:
In person: Wilbur Cross Building, Room 204
By Fax: (860) 486-4412
By Mail: Center for Students with Disabilities
University of Connecticut
233 Glenbrook Rd., Unit 4174
Storrs, CT 06269-4174
By E-mail:

Step 3: Once the registration process is complete, you will receive an e-mail from the CSD which includes contact information for your disability service provider (DSP). Please call the CSD at (860) 486-2020 to schedule an appointment with your DSP to discuss your request(s). Students will receive a follow up e-mail notification from the CSD regarding the outcome of their request(s).

If you have any questions regarding the registration process or technical issues while registering through MyAccess, please contact Timothy Smagacz at or (860) 486-2020.