ASD/Asperger’s Syndrome

    AHEADD (Achieving in Higher Education with Autism/Developmental Disabilities) is a private, community organization that provides support for students in higher education with Learning Disabilities, High-Functioning Autism (HFA), Asperger’s Syndrome (AS), Non-Verbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).
  • Aspergers Association of New England
    The Asperger’s Association of New England (AANE)’s mission is to foster awareness, respect, acceptance, and support for individuals with AS and related conditions and their families.
  • Autism Society of America
    The mission of the Autism Society of America is to promote lifelong access and opportunities for persons within the autism spectrum and their families to be fully included, participating members of their communities through advocacy, public awareness, education, and research related to autism.
  • Coulter Video: Austism Spectrum Disorders
    Explore this site to read articles written through first hand experience of a students with Asperger’s and his parents. Learn about the journey through his childhood and college years.
  • The University of Melbourne, Australia: Towards Success in Tertiary Study with asperger’s syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders
    This booklet has been written for students who are studying or intend studying at tertiary level and who have Asperger’s Syndrome or another autism spectrum disorder. The strategies included here bring together the experiences of students, staff and support organisations. This booklet also builds on existing resources, both print and electronic media.
  • Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children: Preparing for College (TEACCH)
    The TEACCH website incudes information about their program, educational and communication approaches to teaching individuals with autism, their research and training opportunities, as well as information and resources on autism.
  • University Students With Autism And Asperger’s Syndrome
    Student support is a new initiative aimed at providing specialist support and guidance to students with Asperger syndrome and their place of learning. Advice and information is given by our consultants in helping to develop an understanding of the difficulties people with Asperger syndrome may face with regards to their studies.
  • Yale Developmental Disabilities Clinic
    This site provides information about clinical and research services at the Developmental Disabilities Section at the Yale Child Study Center, as well as publications on autism, Asperger Syndrome, and related disorders; lists of resources organized by state; and links with many clinical and research groups, as well as parent support or organizations and advocacy agencies.